Gifts Ideas for Cyclists

I love the festive season, log fires, snowy landscapes and a warm cinnamon smell in the air. That is until I stick my mudguards on and get splattered with icy water kicked up by my teammate’s wheels – then it is not as fun! The bitter crisp air, so peaceful and cold. It makes me come to the conclusion you can never have enough winter kit!

I have had a few organised people ask for my wish list muttering ‘something cycling related no doubt’ to which I say – yes! I would love a new stem – collective groan – ‘what is a stem’! Therefore I have decided to pull together a cyclists gift list to help the non-lycra wearing friends of ours, and also give you a few ideas too!



Zwift Membership (not sponsored I promise!)

Winter can be a massive pain, extra layers, ice, constant bike washing. Why not just train indoors? Personally, I much prefer a 30-60 min training session sweating inside on a dark rainy evening than I do finding the brightest lights and most reflective gear. I’m not going to pretend that I even consider it. All thanks to Zwift! Why not ask for a membership so that you too can ride indoors and stay dry. Group rides, races and training sessions will keep you busy all winter long. website

Zwift Cycling Event

Just look at that blue sky!

Wahoo Trainer

(to go with your new Zwift membership)

Turbo trainers are a minefield! Smart? Dumb? Wheel-on? Direct drive? Basically, it just depends on how much you want to train, how accurately and how much you want to spend. Or just ask for one for Christmas!

Not all trainers are expensive but they tend to be louder and have fewer features. A good mid-range trainer is generally a smart trainer – one that can measure power and speed as well as respond to software, this means it adds resistance when you virtually climb a hill. Most mid-range trainers, such as the Wahoo KICKER SNAP are wheel-on (you attached your bike using the quick release). The Wahoo KICKER SNAP is currently priced at £499 – so start being very nice now and you might get lucky!  Wahoo KICKR SNAP


KICKR SNAP Bike Left Profile

(probably doesn’t come with the bike though)

Full Circle by Joanna Rowsell Shand

If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. Joanna Rowsell Shand is such a star of the cycling scene and is someone I personally look up to. Her autobiography is a must read! Full Circle

Victory Chimp

I first found Victory Chimp flicking through my Instagram feed and absolutely fell in love with these prints! Hand printed in Northern Ireland using ethically sourced fair wear garments, sustainable paper stocks and water-based inks. Custom prints are available. Victory Chimp allows you to commemorate your own local climb or personal victory in a unique illustration.


Deffinaly one for the Christmas list! Their cycling caps, socks and kit marry the latest Italian fabric technology with Victory Chimp’s unique graphic style. Every cyclist values their socks, and this my friends is what we call sock doping! Here are a couple of my favourites but there are lots to choose from on the website.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sportive Entry

Let’s kick it up a gear (i know, im funny!) and add something that is a real experience! Why not add the entry to a sportive to your list? Wiggle has a great selection and speaking from experience, the events are well run. There will be one in your local area or why not head off to France for the day? With multiple ride lengths to choose from and dates throughout the year, they are great gifts for the cyclist that has everything! Wiggle Events



A Bike Computer

Whether you are new to cycling and would like to seek out new roads, or you are a segment hunter looking for KOM/QOM glory. A bike computer should be on your list of must-haves. The ELEMNT BOLT is a great option if you are looking for a sleek design and handy features. ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible the ELEMNT BOLT is a great little device.

Other options such as the Garmin Edge 520 and Lezyne Super GPS are all around the same price bracket.



It’s winter, which means it gets dark, which means – you need lights! A good set of LED lights will be great for dull days and dimming light. In winter, I generally have a good pair of LED lights on my road bike and then a really good pair to commute with as it tends to be dark and they are needed for visibility. You can’t really go wrong with these Lezyne Lights Set.

They are easy to clip on and are water resistant. £14.99



 New Kit

I have to mention my friends at Pactimo, their kit is the best kit I have ever worn! I genuinely mean that. The prints and colours are really unique and the fit is always spot on. You can never have too much kit – am I right?



If you hurry, Pactimo is having a Black Friday sale so you might be able to pick up a bargain. There arm warmers and leg warmers are great too for those extra little stocking fillers! I have added some links to the kit that I am loving right now.


My personal favourite the Alpine Thermal RT Jersey in Blue/Grey. It is on my list if anyone fancies being nice (joking, not joking!)

For those really cold days, the Flagstaff RT jacket is a must. My boyfriend has the men’s version of this, and he loves it! He has been wearing it with just a long sleeve base layer and has been more than happy pedalling around.



Do you agree with my list? Share your ideas and let me know what is on your list this year!

Happy shopping everyone!




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